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What we Do?

Project Management

Prefam Consulting (Project management and Research department) is one of the emerging management consulting firm focused on the Education sector, Agricultural sector and welfare economics in Africa. We partner with individuals, government agencies, private companies and leading international development organizations to conduct research, analyze policies, develop strategies and implement programs that promote sustainable food security and all round development socially and economically. We have worked on variety of projects across Nigeria with research institutes and Universities both home and abroad. Our services include but not limited to:

  1. Training of rural farmers on best agricultural production technologies using farmers’ field school approach Assisting farmers to access quality and improved seeds from agro-dealers and notable research institutes
  2. Organizing farmers and target audience to form groups that can be used as innovation entry platforms.
  3. Collection of data for examining the impact of public and institutional policies and programs on farmers’ welfare and poverty reduction.
  4. Partnering with other stakeholders (Local and international organizations) for dissemination of new innovation and technologies to rural farmers and targeted audience as the case may be.
  5. Assist in the preparation of budget,logistics, questionnaires and documents for the execution of programs and data analysis.
  6. We have pool of qualified and seasoned enumerators that collect error free data.
  7. Training of enumerators on specified software to be used for data collection (ODK, Survey CTO, Surveybe, CAPI, Sawtooth etc.)

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