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Study Abroad

PREFAM educational and consulting services (PECS) established in 2012, is an international recruitment and consultancy organization aimed at placing students ...

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Visa Guidance

PREFAM Educational and Consulting services provides full support in preparing you for the interview, advising on the likely format and examples of questions...

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Project Management

Prefam Consulting (Project management and Research department) is one of the emerging management consulting firm focused on the Education sector...

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There are quite huge number of scholarships abroad scattered across the globe unfortunately few students qualify because of the high requirements...

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English Test Registration

Are you planning to write English test for academic or immigration purpose?we do IELTS , TOEFL registration and give you materials to read and practice with...

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Travel and Tourism

We offer ecxlusive travel and tourism service whcih include: Rural and Urban immmigration ,general vacation,tour packages, Dubai work and visit visa...

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